The Law Lets You Live!

What’s The Legality?

CBD is federally legal in all fifty states but individual states have defined slightly different laws.

As long as CBD is derived from Hemp plant, and not marijuana, it is a fully legal substance, thanks to a 2018 Farm Bill legalizing the production of the Hemp Plant. There are federal standards for manufacturers to comply with, but as long as those standards are met it is federally legal to purchase, sell, possess, and consume CBD in any quantity throughout the United States.  

Unfortunately, because of the confusion around CBD, Hemp, and Little Miss Marijuana, some states have chosen to individually override the federal law, which can create some tricky grey areas (and shipping difficulties). With the added complication of cannabis based stigma means you might still be hassled by Johnny Law in states like Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, and several others. In general, buying CBD with us poses no more legal trouble than a bottle of tylenol, but if you’re concerned about the exact legality in your state this explainer can answer your questions.

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