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The Basics: Build Your Foundation

In our quest to share with the world the wonders of CBD living, we first aim to address to the biggest gap in the hemp game: grasping the basics of CBD.

Often we see, consumers are too apprehensive to ask…What exactly is this stuff?

When you shop in a store that carries hemp derivatives, you deserve to be able to hound the staff present about every ounce of this powerful product, beyond just the basics of CBD. We believe service begins with expertise, and a willingness to acquire and offer accurate and relevant knowledge to the consumer shopping. As soon as a partner stocks us, we inundate our friends with materials aimed at improving the CBD competency of those handing it over.
Our first foundational training we offer to Hemp & CBD collaborators is The Basics of CBD. In this quick, easy-to-digest manual, the reader embarks on a journey of learning how to speakĀ CBD. That is, knowing the fundamental pillars of the compound, and offering simple ways to explain it.
There are a number of questions both first-time and veteran CBD users tend to ask when they begin to browse hemp aisles. We identified the common inquiries, and are giving their answers to guy standing behind the counter.
We even educate the aspiring salesmen on what they can and cannot claim about CBD. As a young industry, it is often enticing to sell trending items overtly and definitively. But this can not be done legally! Before the FDA offers formal guidance on the effects of hemp, we have no business guaranteeing your experience.
Try it for yourself, you’ll see what we mean.


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