About Hemp & CBD

Where We Started

Born in America’s Heartland and straight into our customer’s hearts.

In 2014, our founder opened his first vape shop in what’s known as “Michiana”. The crew grew across the Midwest and established itself as a reputable retailer of hemp and CBD products.

From the start, we’ve been slanging CBD like the rest of the pioneers in the smoke industry, but we wanted to take this bit into our own hands and bring the growing market home. Thus, Hemp & CBD, was born; dedicated to improving all the shortcomings we faced with third-party brands and focused on collaborating with consumers and retailers to ease stigmas and confusion around the industry.

Where We Are

Simplifying CBD so we all know just what we’re getting.

Growing our own responsive line of simple to understand and easy to use CBD products is our mission.

We, like many of you, have tried other brands, but we found ourselves stumped- searching for lab results, questioning actual CBD content, oblivious to serving size, and intimidated by the claims made or not made on the packaging.

We too got upset about misleading labels or subpar quality. If we were the retail professionals out here struggling, we couldn’t imagine what the average consumer was facing. So we’re fixing it. Now you can get our products with plain and informative labels, guaranteed to have traveled a simple, traceable, and clean path to you. Even more, we invest time and resources into training the guy on the floor handing our product over. He should know more than a Google search.

Where We’re Growing

We’re growing with you.

We like to say “we go where you grow,” and, no, we’re not talking about the garden out back. That’s all you.

It’s our belief (and some scientists would agree) that CBD has the untapped potential to change thousands of lives for the better. To tap into that power, we’re making sure we bring Hemp & CBD to as many people as possible. And bring the green back home!

As our line of products expands, we’re including simple, plain language, guides for all of our consumers to better know what they’re buying and how to talk about it. As we evolve we want to make sure that you and our first customers aren’t left behind, which is why we pledge to always stick to the simplest systems and ease everyone into the future.

Our Values

100% Shelf back to seed traceability. See More

A collaboration of experts forming the industry’s most sustainable and secure supply chain.See More

Dedicated salesmanship education to equip providers with resources and information.

Active RND bringing you the most bioavailable CBD Formulas.

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